Here’s why your knees hurt when walking downhill

There’s no better feeling than reaching the top of a hill after a long, gruelling hike. The uphill struggle as you chase the perfect view, the sneaky breaks to take those scenic Instagram snaps when you actually just want to catch your breath and the constant self-reassurance that you are nearly there – it’s all worth it for the triumph of reaching the top. Those views make up for the intense DOMS the next day. The hard part is over. Or so it may seem… Unfortunately, for many hikers, walkers and

5 of the best day hikes in and around London to do over summer

The mental and physical benefits of hiking and walking have never been more important. Whether it’s to lift our mood, give us time to make some mental space or to keep our bodies feeling strong, spending time in nature can be powerful. But you don’t have to drop serious cash on lengthy train journeys or flights to find decent hiking routes. In fact, those of us lucky enough to live in the capital have everything we need right here among London’s staggering 1,572 square kilometres of green space.

Why we need greater diversity in the outdoors, by a South Asian woman who found a new lease of life through hiking

The fresh air, the lush greenery, and the miles of intertwined walking trails – the outdoors has always been at our fingertips.... Or has it always been out of reach? Unfortunately, for minorities, enjoying nature has been very much inaccessible, and while commendable strides are being made recently, there is still a considerable lack of diversity for minorities when it comes to enjoying camping, hiking, and nature in the same way as their white counterparts. In fact, in a recent study conducte