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I am currently a UK Online Showbusiness Reporter for MailOnline. I have gained a 'News Diploma' from 'The London School of Journalism' and a 'Presenting Foundation Certificate' from 'The London School of Media, Film and TV'. Please find links to my work below. I am also a content creator at my entertainment and lifestyle website- Spilling The Beans.

A smirking extra ruins trailer for Christopher Nolan's film Dunkirk

Eagle-eyed viewers noticed something quite peculiar during the first trailer for Christopher Nolan's highly-anticipated Dunkirk. One extra among a sea of 1,500 supporting artists broke character as he was spotted smirking while the rest recoiled in fear at the sound of incoming German bombers flying above them in the 56-second-long preview. Film fans took to Twitter following the debut of the trailer last Thursday to discuss the extra's light-hearted reaction to the approaching bombers. The p

My Exclusive Interview with Stephanie Pratt about The Hills- 10 Years Later

It's been ten years since she shot to reality TV stardom with her role on Los Angeles-based MTV series The Hills. But Stephanie Pratt - who now stars in E4's Made In Chelsea - looked every inch the London girl as she made a rather stylish arrival at the BBC Radio One studios in the capital on Thursday. The TV personality, 30, showed off her long legs in a chic, lingerie-style LBD with a delicate lace trim for her radio appearance to celebrate the 10-year anniversary of the first episode of The

J.K Rowling injects wizardry into her red carpet wardrobe for The Cursed Child

She's captured the magical imagination of millions across the globe. And J.K. Rowling couldn't resist a little wizardy with her wardrobe on Saturday, as she put in a guest appearance at the preview of the Harry Potter & The Cursed Child play on Saturday in London. Marking yet another momentous career achievement, the 50-year-old author hit the red carpet outside The Palace Theatre wearing a pair of unique winged heels. Rowling oozed glamour in a sophisticated navy dress and tied her blond loc

Movie producer defends casting Scarlett Johansson in Asian role

Fans of the Japanese manga series Ghost In The Shell were outraged after it was revealed Scarlett Johansson had been cast in the Asian role. And now the movie's producer Steven Paul has defended claims of 'whitewashing' the role which has seen the name of the original character alter from Motoko Kusanagi to The Major. 'I don't think it was just a Japanese story. Ghost in the Shell was a very international story, and it wasn't just focused on Japanese; it was supposed to be an entire world,' he

Golden Globes Red Carpet Coverage with E! Online UK

E! Entertainment are leaders in their field- entertainment, celebrity and of course, the red carpet- you name it and they've got you covered! For more than ten years I have watched the likes of Sal Masekela & Debbie Matenopoulos come and go and Giuliana Rancic, Jason Kennedy and Catt Sadler mould themselves into the mega-brands they are now. They have been a source of my career goals and it is most certainly because of E! Entertainment that Spilling The Beans was born.

Entertainment News, Showbiz, Music, Movie and TV Features at MarkMeets.com – ROOM 94 ‘No Strings Attached’ album review

If you haven’t heard of the band Room 94 then where have you been? The team at MarkMeets have been huge supporters of the North London based pop rock band who have already supported Lawson on tour twice and racked up a huge social media fan base. Room 94 are about to unleash their impressive album ‘No Strings Attached’ which is bursting at the seams with spontaneity and young fun. The band is made up of three brothers Kieran, Dean and Sean Lemon along with their friend Kit Tanton, enabling a s

Priyanka Chopra models for Guess

"I'm their first brown model. For me it's an honour." Attending school in the US since the age of 12, Priyanka Chopra admits having a tough time with racism and pinpoints one particular girl who was hell-bent on making her life a misery: “She was just really evil to me. She hated me and she had a coterie of 10 girls who were these bad ass girls who would throw people in the lockers when they walked.” After this encounter, Priyanka probably didn’t think that years down the line she would be back ...

4 Winter Beauty Tips- Hold on to that Summer glow!

I know only too well that freezing winds and icy temperatures coupled with over-heated homes are beginning to make an unwelcome appearance on your hard earned summer glow. To combat these signs of winter’s harsh beauty dismissal, follow the tips below to ensure your glow stays consistent throughout the festive season: Moisturize as much as you can It’s time to winter-proof your skin! Skin is usually stripped off its natural moisture during the winter months which causes it to become dry and tigh...
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